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    We Install Lifestyle Garage Door Screens

    Lifestyle Screens from Garage Doors Plus, LLC will instantly transform your garage into a more usable, screened-in space. Protected from insects, yet open to the outdoors at the same time, you will find yourself able to use your garage for much more than parking your vehicle.

    Our team offers the following services:

    • Seamless integration of the Lifestyle Screen with your existing garage door
    • Maintain proper operation of your Lifestyle Screen
    • Same day service, day or night

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    To find out more about our exclusive Lifestyle Screens, give us a call and a courteous and reliable staff member will answer all your questions and be more than happy to talk to you about our array of services.

    We offer our services in Minneapolis and the entire Twin Cities area:

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    The garage is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most useful spaces in your home. Not only is it an area for you to keep your car but also serves as a storage space, utility space, repair and workshop space and many more. If you have a family you know how important it is to keep the noise down and with kids running around and taking control of the family living room, there is a need to establish your own space, without creating too much of a fuss. The garage is that perfect place, the man-cave that you’ve been waiting for, the hobby room or workshop that you’ve always dreamed about. But wait, how can I enjoy what I want to do without bugs getting in the way? – The answer is Lifestyle Screens.

    About Lifestyle Screens

    Lifestyle Screens is the revolutionary new product offered by Garage Doors Plus, LLC. It is a garage door screen like no other. Designed using the latest state-of-the-art methods, the screen looks and feels like it is part of your garage and home. It is a fully retractable garage screen door that blends perfectly with your door. Sure you’ve probably heard about similar products out there in the market that look hideous when installed and worse can make your home look cheap. Not so, with Lifestyle Screens. It is designed to integrate perfectly with the shape of your garage so that there is a seamless transition from open garage door to lifestyle screen mode and then back again. Your garage will look like it was made to be another room in your house without the hefty cost that goes with a renovation.

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