Many homeowners in Cedar, Minnesota make the mistake of thinking that their garage door is secure from break-ins. While it's true that the garage door is more challenging to get through than a regular door or window, it's not impossible. An experienced thief can navigate a garage door and break-in within seconds. This ability to invade the home from this entrance gives him or her access to many valuable items in your garage. For this reason, Garage Doors Plus, LLC offers safety and security features that are perfect for your home. Some of our safety components are listed in detail below.


  • Lights. When the garage door is activated automatic lights will come on and stay on for a designated time. Even when the garage door is closed the light will stay on for a period. This is useful for homeowners who do not want to enter the garage when it's dark.


  • Keyless Entry. If you want to open the garage door without actually going into the garage first, then a keyless entry is a great solution. Most keyless entries require a code from a keypad. More advanced models provide a fingerprint scanner for added security.


  • Remote Control Entry. Most remotes are built-in to vehicles modern vehicles for convenience. Built-in remotes, however, are not always convenient and can often fail. The answer is a remote that can attach to your key ring or simply be placed in the car. Remotes allow you to enter and exit the garage without having to get out of the car to close the garage door.


  • Alarm Security: Did you know that you can now add alarm security to your garage door system? If a thief breaks in without a remote or pushing in the code an alarm will go off and alert a call center depending on who your provider is. Alarm security also includes encrypted, rolling-code features and sensors that can identify people or vehicles.


  • Safety. Safety beam sensors can be placed anywhere in your garage to detect movement when you are not home. Sensors can be placed to monitor the entire garage door or any surrounding windows. Sensors can be configured to work with your current alarm system.


  • Battery Backup. When the power goes out, it's good to know that your garage is still secure. Battery backup allows your garage door to remain open to sustain power so that you can still enter or exit the house. All alarm and security features are still active regardless if power is out in the rest of the home.


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