Even the most well-constructed garage doors begin to show signs of wear and tear. When they do, it’s time to contact Garage Doors Plus, LLC. We can help you solve any problems you may have with your garage doors and get them back into tip-top shape. Below is a description of some of the most common irritations with residential garage doors and how we fix them. If you discover any of these problems with your garage door, please contact us to repair your door.


Garage Door Opener Suddenly Stops Working

This is easily at the top of the list of most homeowners’ irritations. If after replacing the batteries you find that the opener still doesn’t work, we recommend getting a new door opener. We can install a brand new wall opener that comes with lots of great features you can use in your home. Don’t let that old broken door opener irritate you anymore. Get a new opener from Garage Doors Plus, LLC.


Garage Door Tracks are Offline

Over time, the garage door tracks can come loose and go offline. You’ll know that there are problems with the tracks if the door won’t close or if it gets jammed and won’t open. Either way, zero movements in the door will often mean that there is something wrong with the track. The good news is that one of our skilled technicians can perform a garage door track repair and have the door opening and closing smoothly once again. We can also replace the tracks if necessary.


The Garage Door Springs are Worn Out

Once the garage door springs go bad, the door will stay open, or it will slam shut with no control. That means when it closes, it could tumble on top of someone and cause injury. Springs are designed to keep the door from doing either. They are great for keeping the garage door stable. Once springs good bad, we advise you to hire us to replace them instead of trying to repair them yourself.


The Garage Door is Noisy

There could be two to three different possibilities for why your garage door is making noises. One main reason is that some of the components are loose and need to be repositioned or tightened. Another possible cause for garage door noise is worn out rollers or hinges. Depending on your door equipment, we should be able to fix or replace any of these components so that your garage door is quiet once again.


Garage Doors Plus, LLC Offers Premier Garage Door Repair

No matter what is going on with your garage door, you can count on Garage Doors Plus, LLC to fix any problem on our door. We also offer complete garage door replacement, as well as spring, opener, and track replacement. To schedule service, contact us at 612-760-7551, or you can message us on our contact page. We are Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota’s premier garage door technicians.