Are you getting ready to purchase a new home? Garage Doors Plus, LLC specializes in new home garage door installation. We can work with your general contractor to get you the door that is perfect for the overall exterior design of your house. If you're currently looking for a garage door, we recommend following these seven tips to ensure your success.


1. Shop Around for the Right Door

Today’s garage doors come in all shapes and sizes as well as materials. For instance, some of the garage doors we install are aluminum, steel, wood, and composite wood. They all have different price ranges, features, and benefits. To find out more about these products you can ask a Garage Doors Plus, LLC specialist.


2. Insulated Garage Doors

As you design your home, the garage will be an integral part of the entire floorplan. What this means is that it will probably be insulated in the walls and attic and contain electrical outlets or plumbing. Since this type of environment is suitable for parking your car or storing some of your valuables, it’s a good idea that we install an insulated garage door.


3. Creating a Safe and Secure Zone

Safety is always a top consideration when working with contractors. The same goes for garage door installation. When we implement the door into your garage, we consider all safety issues. We carefully choose the most dependable equipment that is reliable and safe for your entire family. You may also want to invest in a garage door that is winter-ready or storm-resistant.


4. Spend a Little Extra on the Openers

Cheap garage door openers will yield cheap results. They don’t last, and they cause frustration for many homeowners. The solution is to invest in a high-quality door opener with lots of options. Choose openers that have long-lasting batteries with a spare you can use when the power goes out.


5. Accessories and Components

In addition to garage door openers, there are some other components you need to consider. Some of these include:


●        Garage door tracks

●        Panels & Windows

●        Garage door screens

●        Child safety features

●        Garage door springs


6. Building Codes

Does the garage door you want to install meet Minnesota and Minneapolis/St.Paul building codes? If not, you could jeopardize your home’s warranty, your homeowner's insurance, and a high resale down the road if you move. Talk with one of our garage door specialists about what codes you need to be aware of and how we can help you meet them.


7. Overall Design

A garage door should match or complement your home. You may want to ask for some advice from a home decorator. Our experts can show you all the options available to you. Our products come in a wide range of colors, textures, patterns, and feature windows. No matter what type of garage door you’re looking for, you can get it with Garage Doors Plus, LLC.


We Install Garage Doors for New Home Construction

If you’re looking for a Minneapolis and St. Paul-based company to help you put the finishing touches on your garage, contact Garage Doors Plus, LLC. We offer complete new garage door installation and garage door replacement. To schedule an inspection and get a free quote call us at 612-760-7551. We are Minneapolis and St. Paul’s leading garage door provider.