How Your Garage Door Safety Features Work

Many overlooked aspects of garage door openers are the safety features included in the machinery. Everybody focuses on how convenient garage door openers are, but few people are concerned about the safety features.


At Garage Doors Plus, LLC, we want to help you make your life a little more convenient by helping you understand the most common safety features included in garage door openers.


Your Motion Detector Can Stop Your Garage Door in Its Tracks

When you think of a motion detector, you may think of the motion detector that accompanies your security system. That motion detector triggers your alarm when it detects motion in your home while the alarm is activated. The motion detector on your garage works in a similar fashion; it prevents your garage door from opening and closing when something is in the path of your motion detector.


As a safety feature, your motion detector ensures your safety. If you are standing in the line of sight of the motion detector, then your garage door will not close. Fortunately, this safety features works to prevent a massive amount of weight from coming down on you or another person who may be in your garage.


Auto-Reverse Supports Your Motion Sensor

In some garage doors, the motion sensor will not only prevent the door from closing if something is in its line of sight, but it will also auto-reverse the door. Auto-reverse works by automatically reversing the direction of your door when there is something in the door's path.


Auto-reverse is a great safety feature because it gets the door out of the way of any hazards that may be lurking. For instance, if your family member is walking towards the line of sight of the opener, they may not see the door closing. However, if the door auto-reverses, then it ensures that they are protected from walking into the door, which could cause serious injuries.


The Manual Release Gives Your Control of Your Garage Door

Finally, the manual release safety feature ensures you have absolute control over your garage door. In case your auto-reverse or motion sensor isn’t working as it should, the manual release safety feature gives you the ability to override your garage door opener. Armed with this tool, it’s easy for you to protect people who visit your garage and place themselves in harm’s way.


We want to ensure that your garage door opener remains safe over the years. At Garage Doors Plus, LLC, we can help you maintain your garage door opener and its safety features by periodically examining your garage door. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for a routine garage door checkup.