Are you having troubles with your garage door? Knowing the symptoms can help you identify the problem. Below are some common issues with garage doors and their root causes.


Broken Torsion Spring

Torsion springs are mounted horizontally directly above the opening of the door. When the door is pulled down, the springs wind up and create tension so that the door does not come slamming down. It is a design that creates a more stable door and a safer environment around the door. When you lift the door, the springs pull in. This makes opening the door easier as it helps to pull the door’s weight. If the torsion springs break, then your best option is to hire a professional garage door technician to repair it. Restoring the springs requires experience and the right tool


The Track is No Longer Aligned

There is a track on each side of the garage door. The track is there to keep the door aligned as it moves up and down. Tracks are great for stabilizing the door's movement. If the track becomes aligned then it makes it more difficult for the door to make a smooth transition from closed to open. You will notice if the tracks are not aligned by how hard it is to move the door. You may also notice that the door wobbles or looks like it once to go to one side when you open it.


The Sensor is Broken / No Longer Aligned

Modern garage doors are now built with base sensors that are installed close to the ground on the rails. The sensors are a safety feature that keeps the door from accidentally closing on a person or an object. If the sensors identify something in the way of the door trajectory, they will immediately stop the garage door from closing, and, in most cases, the door is reversed back to a fully open position. Since the sensors are at ankle level, they can be damaged from time to time. In most cases, the sensors are either no longer aligned or the wiring is disconnected from the sensor.


The Opener is not Responding

If you push the garage door opener on your remote and nothing happens, it could be the batteries in the remote. Another possibility, however, is that the opener is not responding. If you have a wall panel as a backup, then try operating the opener with the panel. If that does not work, then the garage opener needs to be inspected for possible problems. It could either be the remote sensor or faulty wiring in the wall/ceiling.


Do You Have Problems with Your Garage Door?

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