To the untrained eye, it can sometimes be difficult to determine when a garage door can be repaired and when it needs to be replaced altogether. In some cases, the problem appears to be really bad and irreparable when a professional can fix it quickly. Keep the following things in mind if your garage door sustains damage. 

It Might Not be an Easy Fix

Damage to a garage door might look like an easy fix but it winds up being more than what you can handle. What many homeowners try to do is attempt to fix a garage door that is leaning to one side or that is stuck in the open position. This can lead to structural damage when there wasn't any originally. Calling a professional who has the tools and expertise to do the job is your best option. 

Car Bumper Meets Garage Door: What Should You Do? 

Most residential garage doors are not designed to withstand a hit from a car bumper without sustaining some type of damage. The result might be a dent of a size that correlates to the speed and strength of the contact between the two. Pushing or hammering a dent out may be all that is necessary to fix the door. 

Garage Door Off Its Tracks

Sometimes, when a car bumper hits a garage door, it is dislocated off its tracks. If this is the case, you'll need to call in an expert to get it back on track so that the garage door works safely and efficiently. Sometimes car bumpers deliver very little damage to the garage door sections.

Damage to Wooden Garage Doors

If you have a wooden garage door, you might notice splintering or cracking of the wood. It can be difficult to determine if this is structural in nature. If your garage door has sections, it's possible that replacing the damaged section will be enough to fix it. 

Fix it or Replace It? 

Just because a section of a garage door is splintered or dented doesn't mean you should replace it. This is especially true if more than one section is involved. It often comes down to a matter of cost. If you have two or more sections of your garage door that need to be replaced, the cost of doing so is almost as much as a new door. Replacing the door altogether might be a better choice. 

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