Windows make a stylish addition to any garage door. Homeowners can have windows custom-designed to suit any personal taste and any garage door shape or size. There are a few downsides, however, to installing garage door windows. Below we weigh the pros and cons of garage door windows.


The Pros

Implementing windows into your garage door can have several advantages.

●      Windows allow additional light into the garage and brighten up the entire area. If you have several windows, you may not need to turn on any lights when spending time in the garage. Windows can also allow the sun’s heat to enter the garage, which could be good during the winter time.

●      Windows can create an added dimension to your garage doors by breaking up the solid panels. It gives you more options when deciding on a garage door design.

●      Windows are stain-resistant and easier to clean than painted panels. They require zero maintenance and rarely need repairs.

●      Windows make the garage appear to be more like the rest of the house. You can have your windows custom-designed to look like other windows in the house. They create a more streamlined appearance throughout the home’s exterior.

The Cons

With all the aesthetic and functional benefits of garage door windows, there are a few concerns to consider before installing them in your door.

●      Glass breaks. Therefore, you have to take extra care with the door to ensure that the glass doesn’t shatter. You have to be careful to not let the door slam to the ground whenever you close it.

●      Glass is Vulnerable to Impact. Garage doors with windows are susceptible to flying debris or accidents. If you decide to go with windows, you may want to invest in impact-resistant glass.

●      Windows are a natural burglar magnet. If thieves are driving in your neighborhood, they may find that breaking into the garage door is simpler since all they have to do is break the glass. One you install glass into the garage door, you’ll want to reinforce the security and make sure that locks and other items are not accessible through the windows.

●      It is possible that your insurance rates could go up if you are unable to demonstrate that your house is secure even with the windows in the door. Check with your homeowner’s insurance to find out what the policy covers in the event of a break-in.


Do You Have Questions About Garage Door Windows?

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