When it comes to garages, you don’t necessarily need the glitz and glam. You should, however, plan to have today’s leading features. Whether it benefits safety, efficiency or durability, the following garage features are among today’s leading household options. Check them out below, and make sure your next garage door installation packs the memorable amenities today’s homeowners rave about.


Modern Insulation

Modern garages have come a long way, and they’re being used as garage insulators. Remember: Your garage is attached to your house. You use it as a main entrance, and it’s well worth the extra dollars to make sure it’s properly insulated. Fortunately, leading garages are packing energy efficient insulation. This insulation also fortifies the garage’s structure, enhancing the door’s overall durability.


Steel Materials

If you want a heavy-duty garage door, you’ll need heavy-duty materials. Steel garage doors are built for performance, and they’re available in a variety of styles. They’re less expensive than wooden doors, too, depending on their model. They can take a beating, and they won’t overheat your home, either.


Rustic Door Art

If you want something on the other end of the spectrum, consider investing in wood garage doors. These doors, perfect for balancing a modern home’s structured, geometric look, are today’s leading art-focused doors. Give your home a natural touch, and enhance your home’s rustic beauty with a variety of custom designs and features.



That’s right: glass. No, you don’t need to make the entire door glass, but installing glass panels is a great idea. It gives your garage a luxurious vibe, enables a close view and can be finished with aluminum. They’re available with tint, too, so you don’t need to worry about prying eyes.


A High-Distance Door Controller

Garage door controllers have been around for a while, but they’ve recently gotten an upgrade. If you’re like most homeowners, you like opening your door well before you roll into the driveway. Now, you don’t need to wait until you’re out front. New, long-distance controllers give you full control down the street. So, once you’re in sight, you can open your home. Roll up, roll in and close it. Don’t wait for the door to open, and give your home that “instant accessibility” feel modern tech-lovers rave about.


Make sure you’re prioritizing your garage’s safety. While the above features are nice, they may not be feasible for every household. That said, they’re pretty cool. Fortify your home, outfit it with technology and become the block’s most-envied homeowner. To get started with your residential garage door, visit us at Garage Door Plus, LLC today!