Sure, your garage is safe. Assuming your home is decked out with modern security features, a thick door and protected windows, it can be one of the safest places. Unfortunately, thieves are smart, the weather is unpredictable, and some items simply don’t fare well in semi-outdoor environments. Your possessions matter, and you need to protect them. Stay secure, and never store the following things in your garage.


1.      Item One: Canned Food
It’s canned, right? Canned food may be protected against age, wear-and-tear environments, and even cold temperatures, but it’ll get busted if it’s too hot. High-temperature environments—and even humidity—can shorten a canned food supply’s lifespan. If you’re storing it in the garage, the garage will need to have a consistent temperature. Unfortunately, most garages don’t.

2.      Item Two: Propane Tanks
While propane tanks are relatively resistant to changing temperatures, weather and humidity levels, their valves can still come loose. Often, a propane tank’s valve isn’t shut all the way. In enclosed spaces, a small leak can have explosive potential. Garages are especially at risk, due to stored automobiles.

3.      Item Three: Cardboard Boxes
If you’re storing clothing, old items or food, stick with plastic bins. Cardboard boxes are susceptible to humidity, and they’re favored homes of insects and mice. Any contents in cardboard boxes are at risk. If you need to use cardboard boxes, make sure they’re stored on shelves. While the height won’t protect the contents from changing temperatures, it can still deter prying teeth and claws—if only for a little while.

4.      Item Four: Wooden Furniture
Wood expands and contracts when temperatures change. If you have antique furniture, store it inside the house. Humidity can also damage wooden surfaces, making garages inopportune storage area for beloved household belongings.

5.      Item Five: Mattresses
Mattresses stored in garages are exposed to several dangerous elements, including humidity, rodents, bugs and dust. A mattress is an important household item, and it shouldn’t be left to collect unfavorable materials. Understandably, there might not be room anywhere else. If this is the case, purchase a heavy duty mattress cover. A plastic cover might not protect a mattress from humidity, but it’ll surely defend it against larger insects, mice, and other critters.


Always make sure your garage door is secure, too. Among a garage’s various entry points, its door is the most accessible. Contact a professional like Garage Doors Plus, LLC, if need be, and invest in garage door repair. Once the area is secured, make sure it stays secure. Defend the windows, the doors and—most importantly—your valuables.