With the warm months arriving, more families are spending time outside. Your garage gets a great deal more use during the summer as the pace and frequency of activities like lawn care, sports, grilling out and water fun pick up substantially. With this increase in activity, it's important during the summer to schedule an inspection of your garage door. Here's why this step is vital to the safety and happiness of your family.


1.      Your Garage Door is Often Taken for Granted
Think about how many times you open your garage door during an average week. During the workweek, you, your significant other and your family probably open it at least a few times a day as you leave for work and to ferry the kids to school. During the average weekend, it's likely that the number of times you open and close your garage door increases substantially. Don't get caught with a broken garage door during these busy summer months by putting off an inspection. Instead, schedule one now so that any potential issues can be discovered.

2.      You Count on it For Security
When you take your vacation this summer, chances are that at least some of your valuables will be stored in your garage. While you are enjoying a refreshing and fun time with your family, you can relax knowing that your garage is secure because you had it professionally inspected before you left on vacation.

3.      The Harsh Winter Can Affect it Negatively
During the harsh winter weather, your garage door -- like any other household system that is subjected to the snow, ice, hail, wind and other elements that are often part of winter in the Twin Cities -- can weaken its components in ways that are not immediately obvious to the untrained eye. An inspection by a garage door professional ensures that any hidden issues are noted and repaired.


Scheduling a comprehensive, professional inspection this summer, before there is any evidence of an issue, ensures that your garage door can handle the added use that summer brings with it.


Garage Doors Plus, LLC, owned by Dave Ballinger and Thomas Rodriguez, offers thorough and professional services for garage doors throughout the Twin Cities area. Contact them today to schedule a summer inspection for your garage door and rest assured that it is providing the safety and security you expect.