So, the garage door is busted. You’re about to get structural repair, but you’re worried about the area’s safety. We get it, and we’re here to help. Whether you need spring replacement, cable replacement or new garage door rails, there’re a few things you should do, first. Take the following steps to ensure your garage area’s safety, and protect your family—and yourself—from unnecessary harm.


Don’t Lift the Door by Hand

If your garage door spring broke, don’t lift the door by hand. Don’t use the opener, either. Heavy garage doors can be dangerous, and they’re unstable without springs. Garage door spring replacement isn’t a do-it-yourself project, so you should be careful about any self-conducted projects.


Watch Out for the Pulley System

Next, make sure your family stays clear from the pulley system. The pulley, itself, is attached to the door’s extension spring system. That said, a broken garage door might have an unstable pulley system. Because it’s attached to a spring, it might be flung in a random direction—if the door mechanism isn’t operated properly.


Clear Items from the Rail Area

While your garage door probably won’t slam shut, it can still slide down unexpectedly. If anything is near the rails, it can be damaged. Or, worse, it can be knocked to the side. Garage doors are heavy, and they can slide down with incredible force.


Check the Cables

Visually inspect the door’s cables, and make sure they’re not worn or frayed. If your door is damaged, there’s a good chance the cables have been impacted. High spring tension should not be messed with, especially when the cables are exposed. Get a technician to replace the cables, if they’re worn—even if they’re not the cause of damage.


Keep Your Fingers Away from the Panels

Every year, homeowners injure their fingers by sliding them between a door’s panels. A door without pinch-resistant joints is unsafe. You’ll need special gripping points, or handles, on the door’s inside and outside.


Contact a Professional

Yep. Don’t conduct maintenance yourself. If you need new garage door rails, contact a professional. If you’re worried about the door’s safety features, contact a professional. Structural repair doesn’t take long, but it should be engaged by trained technicians.


Garage Doors Plus, LLC is here to help, and our technicians carry the training needed to fortify your home. If you’re having garage door trouble, contact us immediately. Your safety is in our hands, and we’re good at assuring it.