Garage door rails are made to be sturdy, but they can get damaged if they’re not taken care of. Between garage traffic, the weather and even annual aging, garage door rails take a beating. Your garage door will last a while, but you should take note of the following rail protection tips. Who knows? It might save you money on garage door maintenance and structural repair jobs.


Tip One: Rust Proof Them

You should spray your garage door rails with rust-proofing spray paint. Don’t worry: It won’t block your door’s track. The paint is thin, and it won’t coagulate, either. It will, however, keep your door from rusting from exposure to moisture. While any rust will be highly visible, it can still sneak up on you.


Tip Two: Cut Off the Bottom by One to 1.5 Inches

Yeah, we know: Damaging your rails seems counterintuitive. We promise, it’s not. You should keep your rails off the concrete floor. If the rails touch the floor, they’ll actually suffer some damage. Your track shouldn’t need to touch the ground completely.


Tip Three: Apply Grease for Lubrication

Every so often, lube up your garage track rails with grease. This needn’t be done often, but it should still be done. Lubricating your garage rails keeps the door moving smoothly. It’ll also help it resist rust. By lubricating the rails, you’ll improve the door’s performance.


Tip Four: Check the Rollers

Examine the rollers, and replace any which are worn down. If the rollers are metal, and if they have unsealed bearings, you can brush around them with an aged toothbrush. It’s important to dislodge grease and dirt buildup, then wiping away remaining gunk with a rag. If possible, spray silicone spray oil across the bearings.


Tip Five: Clean the Track Insides

You should take an old toothbrush to the insides of the tracks, too. Dislodge any grime, grease and dirt buildup. Spraying disc brake cleaner into the tracks works, too. Wipe out any remaining material with a clean rag to remove the cleaner’s residue.


In general, it’s a good idea to check the horizontal track alignments. Put a level atop the tracks, and make sure the tracks slant slightly away from their openings. Both tracks need to hang the same distance from the garage’s ceiling. If you keep up to date with your garage’s maintenance and safety needs, your door will work properly for a long, long time. Make adjustments when needed, and don’t hesitate to contact Garage Doors Plus, LLC with any questions. We’re here to help.